Sarah Vernon

Educator & Brand Ambassador


I started my beauty training a few years after I had my first born,as well as working full time in retail I decided to enrol on a night course at Barnsley college. It was just a hobby at the time,but A chance for me to interact with other people and be Sarah, not just mum. I then followed down the nail route. I loved how artistic you could be. I just wanted to learn everything in the trade.

I took the leap in setting up my business 7 years Ago ,only due to being made redundant in my retail job. At the time I was 6months pregnant with my second child. I was so scared but
I had all the knowledge and skills behind me.

Fair to say I have never looked back since.

My clientele base grew,my family grew along side that to. I couldn’t of done it without the help and support from my husband & family.

I’m a firm believer in ,if you want something you work hard. Only you can achieve your dreams.

I am thoroughly looking forward to being an educator for Pure Nails,being able travel around the country and sharing all I know with others. The brand has grown over the years and it’s quality & value is amazing. I know the education will be just as good.
My personal goal is to gain more confidence and have the Courage to enter nail comps.

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