Tina Bell

Head of Education & Brand Ambassador


My love for nails started when I was only 16. I went as part of a Christmas treat from my mum and that was it, I was hooked. From there my journey in nails has took me all over the world, working with some of the best nail industry’s in the business along with some of the all-time greats Nail Technicians!

I love all aspects of the being a nail tech but the art and creativity is the most enjoyable part for me. But you can’t beat a well-shaped nail! Over the years I have achieved a lot of different awards for competitions and events and I still love to learn. I believe as a good nail technician you are always open to learning something new. We never know everything. I continually thrive and develop myself in knowledge, skills and techniques.

Working alongside Pure Nails for the past 3 years has been an amazing part of my nail journey so far and I couldn’t have been happier when we extended the salon and I was asked to consider running the education for Pure Nails. I also look after the technical support for the company and work closely with Jaqui on new ideas and products for the company. I love Pure Nails and I am a one brand girl, nothing compares to the product for me and I am a very proud Ambassador and Educator for the brand.

In my salon and training academy I aim to provide the very best in services providing my clients with the best products and treatments, giving them up to date trends and seasonal colours. We deliver exceptional training courses taught to students from an amazing education team.
My journey in my new salon with Lora my business partner and team has just started and if we have achieved this all under one year – well just imagine what the future could bring. The sky’s the Limit!


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